My host operating system is Windows Vista 64-bit. My CPU is definitely a 64-bit CPU. I've even had XP 64bit on this computer before. As far as I know, I did everything fine up to this point. GuestOS: XP x64 (attempting to install) comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by frank Description modified leifeng, you are running VirtualBox as guest of

I have a Dell with XP Pro on itI did not realize it was Pro until after I bough Vista Home Premium and tried to install it. Seems that would be a downgrade and it will not let me do it. Is there a work around for this or have I wasted my money? I hate to have this just sitting here and have · Angie It sounds like you bought the Vista upgrade How to Clean Install Windows 7 over Windows XP - dummies Run Windows Easy Transfer on your Windows XP PC. The free Windows Easy Transfer lives in the SupportMigwiz on your Windows 7 DVD. To start the program, double-click the file called MigWiz.. If your Windows 7 DVD hops to the screen as soon as you insert it into your PC’s drive, press close its Installation window. How to Reinstall Windows XP | PCWorld Mar 20, 2007 Upgrade Install - XP to Windows 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Vista to XP Downgrade - Ask Bob Rankin Vista to XP Downgrade - Windows Vista was launched with much fanfare and was touted as the operating system for a new generation with a slick graphical interface and many new features. But the reaction to Vista has been mostly lukewarm, and many customers are looking for a way to downgrade from Vista to Windows XP. How to upgrade windows xp and vista (all OS) to windows 10

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Once you have the drivers, you'll boot up with the XP CD or DVD and do a brand new install, erasing the partition, and letting XP format the hard drive. A quick format is okay to do. Once that is done and you boot up XP, right click on 'My Computer' and select 'Manage' and then select 'Device Manager'. Install Vista XP : 11 Steps - Instructables This is meant for installation with VAIO XP, so first go into Sidebar > VAIO XP and double click the installer. (Restart your computer after installation if it asks you to.) Go in to the Sidebar folder, and double click the installer. Follow its instructions until its done installing. Make sure … How to Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista - dummies