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What Uber Still Isn’t Telling Us About Your Data | Time Jan 30, 2015 Uber Agrees to Privacy Audits in Settlement With F.T.C Aug 15, 2017


Given Uber's track record on privacy and the lack of transparency about the extent of the company's involvement, we have officially pulled out of CARS," AJL founder Joy Buolamwini said in a statement. Uber drivers launch legal battle over 'favouritism' - BBC News

Nov 22, 2019

Submit a privacy inquiry. You can use this form to learn more about Uber's collection and use of your personal data. You can also use this form to access and exercise control over your data and to contact Uber's Data Protection Officer (DPO). What does privacy look like at Uber? Officially, privacy at Uber is a shared responsibility between the CSO and the legal team. Ensign was brought on in October to help educate users about choices they can make to impact their privacy … Privacy Rules for Uber | HuffPost