Than i added the free space to my RAID-Volume-Set. After finish that, i use programm extcv to expand my TrueCrypt Volume to maximum RAID-Volume-Set. This little tool is powerful and the source is on encrypt the Header, expand NTFS-Volume, decrypt the new size in the Header. It work fine.

The outer volume and the hidden volume share the same lower level space, and at creation time, the size of the hidden volume was computed to not overwrite existing data in the normal volume. But to allow the plausible deniability, nothing in the outer volume can be aware of the existence of a hidden volume when it is opened normally (*). How to: Set Up TrueCrypt Disk Encryption, Part 1 TrueCrypt runs on all of the major platforms: Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, and Linux. There are a variety of encryption options, including system drive support and hidden volumes. VeraCrypt / Forums / General Discussion: Encrypt full Feb 01, 2015

May 22, 2014

(PDF) Detecting Hidden Encrypted Volumes The structure of a stand ard TrueCrypt volume (left) and one con taining a hid den volume “seemingly rando m bytes in th e hard dr ive will change”. volume size ide ntified; Fig. 7. What is the maximum container size for a TrueCrypt volume The maximum possible size of a TrueCrypt volume is 8589934592 GB. However, due to security reasons, the maximum allowed volume size is 1 PB (1,048,576 GB), as the amount of data that is considered secure to be encrypted using a single key depends, among other factors, on the block size of the encryption algorithm.

That means, if a user wants to mount or convert a TrueCrypt’s volume, then he has to first decrypt the drive or data, and then encrypt it with VeraCrypt. VeraCrypt Version 1.0 With the release of VeraCrypt version 1.0, this limitation comes to an end.

partitioning - Is it possible to resize TrueCrypt TrueCrypt partitions aren't resizeable. You need to create new TrueCrypt partition of larger size. Maybe even two of them, as the data must be stored somewhere at the time of reformatting, and it still must be safe (encrypted). Recently I was extending size of my Truecrypt partition and used USB-HDD + TrueCrypt to hold the data in the meantime. Increase Size Of True Crypt Container Instantly - gHacks Jul 28, 2010 Resize TrueCrypt Volumes With Extcv - gHacks Tech News Nov 25, 2010 TrueCrypt Volume Format Specification - Truecrypt