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Change Time Machine Backup Frequency. To change Time Machine backup schedule, we are going to use a free and lightweight app called Time Machine Editor. So, head over to the official site, download the software and install it like any other Mac application. 1. After installing, launch Time Machine Editor to start modifying the Time Machine How to Restore Files From a Time Machine Backup on Windows Mar 16, 2018 How to Clean Up Time Machine Backups - Mac Optimization

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3. Click on “Time Machine.” 4. Time Machine will likely be set to “Off.” Click to turn it “On.” 5. Select your backup destination from the available list. If you have a second internal drive or a plugged-in external drive from step 1, it should appear on the list. 6. Click “Connect.” That’s all it takes. May 18, 2011 · I have a 500 Gb iMac that Time Machine refused to back up after its own 1Tb capacity was filled. I got a 2 Tb drive and now it works fine. Incredibly, TM apparently needs 4 X the capacity of the drive it backs up. I don't know how it will handle the 1.256 Gb of hard drive(s) in the iMac I just bought. -- Mac Quick tip: Faster Time Machine backups. It may be that your Time Machine backups are being slowed down by Finder. Here is a quick tip on how to speed them back up.

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How to Restore Files From a Time Machine Backup on Windows