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Fast Food Restaurants with Free WiFi. There are thousands of fast food restaurants throughout the United States that offer some form of free Wi-Fi Internet access to the public such as Burger King, McDonalds, Subway, Taco Bell and many more. Get online for no charge (if you do not mind getting some grease on your keyboard) at these free wifi hotspots. 34 Restaurants Where You Can Get Wi-Fi for Free Papa Vito’s Pizza has free Wi-Fi. At Papa Vito’s they know that in life all you need is family, friends, and great food and a good place for free wifi. Go in and get good food, good drink a good time and free wifi for your computer. Visit the site 27. Get free wifi from Buffalo Wings & Beer Fast food with WiFi - list of fast food restaurants with Groups of young people, students and travelers are all customers of cafes and restaurants offering fast food with free Wi-Fi. Most of these places have open networks and do not have any passwords to log in. Anyway, even if you will need a password for connection, you can learn it from other users of Wi-Fi Space who have already made it public 21 Places to get Free Wifi Wherever You Go | Saving Freak Sep 21, 2018

34 Restaurants Where You Can Get Wi-Fi for Free

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The fastest wifi from a fast food chain was actually at McDonald’s. It clocked speeds of 24.2Mbps down and 6.1Mbps up. Coming in second was Panera Bread, one of my fave on-the-road wifi spots. At

Many of these restaurants might be near your crib, hostel or workplace. In this blog, we list down the Top 10 Restaurants with Free Wifi in Kampala. For all these restaurant , you might need to buy a glass of juice, soda or a snack while you borrow some more minutes to update your windows 10 latest version or maybe delivering coursework.