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The Drawback of Decidated VPN IP-Addresses. With a dedicated IP-address, which is often sold as an add-on, users get a unique IP-address as opposed to a shared one. This can be very convenient as it reduces annoying captchas and can bypass regular VPN blacklists. However, it … How do I find an IP address for one of your VPN gateways In such cases, you can use an IP address for one of our servers, instead of it's standard hostname, which may allow you to connect normally. First, you'll need the hostname for the VPN gateway you'd like to connect to. You can find a full list of our available servers here The Best VPN Service for 2020 | Reviews by Wirecutter Jan 31, 2020

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Aug 28, 2019

ZTSSP contains a list of VPNs to change the IP addresses on any device. *Note: ZTSSP is not a software but it has a complete list of all VPNs which can be used either in PC(Windows, MAC) or Mobile(Android, iPhone) to hide IP address. ZTSSP list contains ZenMate VPN, Touch VPN, Snap VPN and Spotflux VPN.

May 29, 2019